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Food service inspections - June-July, Part 1
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    The following are among the food service establishments inspected in June and July by the Bulloch County Health Department. The department scores on a 100-percentile scale. Kitchens are inspected at least every four months and are required to post their score sheets in public. The score and selected comments from health inspectors are included in each report. All eating establishments are located in Statesboro, except where noted. To view all restaurant scores, visit

June 8
Ye Old Smokehouse
, 21790 Highway 46, Pembroke  Score: 96
    Get Thermometers in all coolers/freezers. Clean floors in walk-in.  Inspector: Marlin Thomas.
June 21
Subway #3215
, 510 South Main Street  Score: 96
    Label all food containers properly. Clean floor, under and around all equipment. Inspector: Thomas.
June 24
Checkers Drive In
— StarrChex LLC, 701 Northside Drive East  Score: 68
    No paper towels at hand sink. Food items must be in good condition. All potentially-hazardous food items must be kept at 41 degrees F or below. Do not hang fly strips over food prep areas or food items. Employees sweating profusely in food prep and cooking areas. Numerous flies in kitchen area. Discard all meat that has been thawed excessively and refrozen. Repair cooler in front kitchen area to maintain 41 degrees For below. Repair AC in restaurant; due to excessive sweating by employees. Excessive heat causing reach-in cooler possibly not to work. Inspector: Thomas.
June 25
Checkers Drive In
— StarrChex LLC, 701 Northside Drive East  Score: 92 (Reinspection)
    Get thermometers in all coolers/freezers. Protect all single-service articles. Seal bottom of door to prevent bug intrusion. Inspector: Thomas.
Big Mamoo's Café, 15 Main Street, Register  Score: 92
    Do not store anything in hand sink. Store all personal food items separate from other food items. Store all utensils with handle in same direction. Invert all dishes. Inspector: Thomas.
June 28
Splashy's Sandwich Shoppe
, 1388 Highway 24 East  Score: 92
     Label all food items. Protect all single-service articles Clean floors under and around all equipment. Rid kitchen of flies. Inspector: Thomas.
July 5
, 800 U.S. Highway 80 East  Score: 91
    Personal beverages must not be stored next to food container or over hand-wash stations; corrected on-site. Utensils noted in hand-wash basin. Unopened expired product in walk-in cooler; discarded. Undated cut fruit in reach-in cooler; corrected on-site. Plates/bowls not properly protected or inverted to prevent contamination. Inspector: Misty McKanna.
Michael's Deli, 550 Fair Road  Score: 81
    Clean utensils/scooper. Applicable foods must be marked with seven-day discard date. There are four ways to thaw: submerged in cool running water, in microwave, in cooler over time or during cooking process. Do not use dented cans. Store raw meats below other items in cooler. All food must be stored off of floor. Do not work with meat in vegetable prep sink. Get choking poster in dining room. Do not cover previous inspection. Post most recent inspection at drive-through. Store scoops handle-up in food item. Keep to-go containers in plastic. Shield lights in dish-washing area. Inspector: Brad Wiggins.
July 8
Michael's Deli
, 550 Fair Road  Score: 87 (Reinspection)
     Applicable foods must be marked with seven-day discard date. Do not store cleaners next to food items. Anyone working with food must have hat/hair net to restrain hair. Keep to-go containers in plastic. Inspector: Wiggins.
July 6
Coldstone Creamery
, 357 Georgia Avenue  Score: 99
     Post choking poster in dining area. Inspection must be posted within 15 feet of front door. Inspector: Wiggins.
Einstein Bros. Bagels, 357 Georgia Avenue  Score: 96
    Persons prepping food must have hair restrained. Inspection report must be posted within 15 feet of front door. Get choking poster in dining room. Inspector: Wiggins.
Captain D's Restaurant, 304 South Main Street  Score: 93
    Single-service containers not stored covered. Clean mildew off cooler fans and under microwave. Broken floor tiles. Seal holes/gaps in back door. Inspector: McKanna.
Shoney's, 222 South Main Street  Score: 80
    Clean utensils/wall magnet for knives. Cooler must hold at 41 degrees F or less. Discard any out of date foods. Clean shelves. Repair damaged ceiling, walls and floors. Inspector: Wiggins.
July 8
, 222 South Main Street  Score: 96 (Reinspection)
    Clean shelves. Repair damaged ceiling, walls and floors. Inspector: Wiggins.
 July 6
    Uncle Shug's
, 12399 Highway 301 South Suite A  Score: 90
    Do not store personal drinks near food prep areas; corrected on-site. Cover all food in freezer; corrected on-site.  Ice scoop stored in an unapproved manner; corrected on-site. Equipment and utensils not properly air-dried; corrected on-site. Clean outside of sugar bin. Inspector: McKanna.
July 7
Bruster's Real Ice Cream/Nathan's Hotdogs
, 600 Lovett Road  Score: 94
    Clean inside of ice machine — mold present. Need test strips for sanitizer. Clean cooler door seals. Inspector: Jud Street.
Eagle Health & Rehabilitation, 405 South College Street  Score: 99
    Keep utensil drawer clean. Inspector: Street.
Hampton Inn, 616 Fair Road  Score: 91
    Items should have discard date seven days after opening or preparing if potentially hazardous. Thermometers in coolers not accurate — reads high. Inspector: Street.
Longhorn's of Statesboro, 719 Northside Drive East  Score: 92
    Keep all food items covered; corrected on-site. Plates/bowls not properly protected or inverted to prevent contamination; corrected on-site. Observed single-service articles handled, displayed or dispensed in a manner that allows for contamination; corrected on-site. Replace or resurface cutting boards. Clean gaskets around cooler drawers and walls/fixtures near grill. Inspector: McKanna.
Starbucks Coffee Company #13435, 714 Northside Drive East  Score: 97
    Store all items six inches off floor. Inspector: Street.
July 8
    Sonic at Buckhead
, 880 Buckhead Drive  Score: 92
    Cover all food items when not in use. Clean floors in cooler. Rid kitchen of flies. Inspector: Thomas.
Quiznos, 721 South Main Street  Score: 94
    Cut lemons must be displayed covered. No hand-washing sign provided at a hand sink in restrooms. Bins stacked before completely air-dried. Utensils must be stored to prevent contamination of working surfaces. Inspector:  McKanna.
Southern Billiards & Burgers, 200 Lanier Drive  Score: 96
    Improper thawing of chicken tenders. Protect all single-service items. Inspector: Thomas.
The Coffee Cart, 1499 Fair Road  Score: 81
    Cannot wash hands without leaving cart. Observed using broom and dust pan; did not wash hands. No water on at hand sink. Thermometer still broken. Protect single-use items. Inspector: Street.
July 15
The Coffee Cart
, 1499 Fair Road  Score: 91 (Reinspection)
    Personal beverage next to coffee dispenser. Observed employee with ineffective hair restraint. Observed food employee wearing jewelry other than a plain ring on their hands/arms while preparing food. Wet wiping cloth not stored in sanitizing solution between uses.  Plumbing from hand-wash sink hose does not run into catch yank. Inspector: McKanna.
July 8
Vandy's On Vine
, 22 East Vine Street  Score: 90
    Clean ice machine inside. Sugar bag stained on outside; store in cleanable container. Roach present in dining area. Inspector: Street.
July 9
Burger King #14614
, 602 Fair Road  Score: 92
    Cover butter when not in use. Clean floors in cooler and drink syrup area. Shield light in drink area. Rid kitchen of flies. Inspector: Thomas.
Great Wall Restaurant, 620 Fair Road Suite A  Score: 92
    Cover all food; corrected on-site. Chemicals stored in an unapproved location; corrected on-site. Fantastic job. Wonderfully clean. Inspector: McKanna.

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