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GS nursing student’s legacy funds $900,000 in scholarships, service
Abbie DeLoach Foundation launches new website
Courtesy of Abbie DeLoach Foundation Abbie DeLoach, right, enjoys a family moment with her sister Anna, left, and their father, Jimmy DeLoach Jr., sometime before Abbie’s untimely death in April 2015.
Abbie DeLoach, right, enjoys a family moment with her sister Anna, left, and their father, Jimmy DeLoach Jr., sometime before Abbie’s untimely death in April 2015. (Photo courtesy of Abbie DeLoach Foundation)

Since its inception in 2016, the Abbie DeLoach Foundation, created in the name of one of the five Georgia Southern University students who died in a tragic April 2015 wreck on Interstate 16, has awarded $900,000 in scholarships and funding for international outreach.

The bulk of the money has gone into scholarships, including 28 medical scholarships and 12 student-athlete scholarships. The foundation reports that it has also funded 10 student service programs and enabled eight recipients to do world mission work.

In addition, the Abbie DeLoach Foundation has built an international home for women, “Abbie’s Home,” with $90,000 invested to stop the exploitation of women.

The foundation recently launched a new website that spotlights its scholarships and funded projects, which together reflect “the qualities that exemplified” Abbie DeLoach’s “life – especially her love for being a nursing student, a student athlete and her outreach abroad.” The address is simply

“Through her actions and love of life, Abbie inspired countless people in her 21 short years, and she has continued to do so through the Abbie DeLoach Foundation,” said Jimmy DeLoach Jr., Abbie’s father and the founder of ADF. “In the five years since her passing, we have had one key goal: to continue Abbie’s good works. We are grateful for the generous donors and volunteers who help make that possible.”


For donors & students

The page provides a route for direct online donations and carries a link to sign up for a newsletter or more information. It also provides students information about scholarship offerings and a link for applications but notes that the 2021 scholarship application is not available yet.

Elsewhere on the website are scholarship pages recognizing the Class of 2020, Class of 2019, Class of 2018 and Class of 2017, recipients, with photos of each and their names and affiliated schools.

The ADF’s scholarship partners include Georgia Southern University, Compassion Christian Church, the University of Georgia, the Savannah Chatham County Public School System, Savannah State University and Savannah Christian Preparatory School.


Abbie’s Home in India

It was along with Compassion Christian Church in Savannah that the Abbie DeLoach Foundation partnered with Central India Christian Mission, in the city of Damoh, state of Madhya Pradesh, India, on a project aimed at providing women jobs and greater self-sufficiency.

As a group, these organizations have partnered with the nonprofit mission Aatma Vikas, founded by Greg and Abhineeta Matney, to teach women skills of sewing and making products like bags, wallets, leather journals and jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Aatma Vikas means “self-development” or “soul development” in Hindi, and the handiworks are marketed under the label The Skipping Stone.

“The bottom line objective is to create as many jobs as possible,” said Jimmy DeLoach Jr. “It gives them freedom from physical, emotional, economic and spiritual harm.”

He visited the site of “Abbie’s Home” in Damoh, India, for the launch of construction in April 2018, and the completed facility was dedicated March 22, 2019.


True Blue 5K

This fall the ADF and Abbie’s Adventure Race sponsored the annual True Blue 5K in partnership with Georgia Southern University Campus Recreation and Intramurals. This year’s run was held “virtually,” Nov. 14-20. The Abbie DeLoach Foundation promised to donate $1,000 to the charity that had the most participants registered.

The Delta Lambda Chapter of Kappa Delta sorority, of which DeLoach was a member, had 39 participants in the 2020 True Blue 5K and will receive the $1,000, a foundation spokesperson said this week.

A 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the Abbie DeLoach Foundation announced its new website as available in time for “the end-of-year donation season.”

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