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John Bressler - God wants us to give life all we can
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John Bressler

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Listen to John Bressler's latest column about living life to its fullest.

       "I just lost my best worker! The job position is wide open, but the problem is that many have the credentials, few have the work ethic." Have you heard that before?
       "I'm just not going to hire young people anymore. I'll ask them to do something not specifically in their job description like: sweep the floor, rearrange the stock room, help on the loading dock, set up the assembly hall, etc. Their reply, 'I don't get paid to do that.' My response is that they are correct, but it won't be a problem anymore as they are fired."
       I am not advocating hiring illegals to pick the fields, but there was a farmer from California on PBS who spoke of the soon to be high prices when all his workers, both, legal as well as illegal, were leaving. "Listen, I am in complete agreement of hiring nothing but American folks to harvest my crops. Here is the problem. I'll hire 15 locals. One-half don't show up the next day, and those who stay can't pick longer than an hour or two because they are not physically prepared to do the job. It'll cost me twice as much to hire them and who's going to pay for that added expense? The customer at the grocery, that's who."
       The facts are that jobs are scarce, but everyone wants only those positions that are glamorous, high-paying with great benefits, time off and little sweat equity invested. There are a lot of dynamics here. Jobs are available, but there are considerable realities: one must have the credentials, certification, experience, reasonable expectations, a sense of responsibility, lots of integrity and a willingness to work!
       Folks, I realize I'm preaching to the choir!
       There is one more surprise in the equation. Many employers - and those businesses range from high finance to slinging hamburgers - are now beginning to use a testing system for new applicants. It's called the Pearson Talent Assessment. Basically, it is asking, "Can these employees think both inside as well as outside the box?"
       I simply cannot consider these situations unless I think about the teachings of Jesus who could have fit very comfortably - or perhaps uncomfortably - in a boardroom or as a CEO of a very prestigious company. "How many need a job? Here's the deal. You come to work for me and I'll pay you $500 at the end of the day. Okay? Done!"
       Now as the CEO, he has the right to hire as many as necessary to do the job. He hires people early, more later and still more at nearly the close of day in order to get the job done. Late in the evening, he lines up the workers: those who were hired at the last minute were given $500, those earlier were given $500 and those who were hired very early in the morning were also given $500.       And the complaining began. "Why should those who worked an hour be given the same as me when I worked all day? It just ain't fair!"
       Jesus simply replied, "Didn't we agree on the work and the price? There will be no bargaining."
       Of course there is the parable of the talents. "You are to work with what you have. It is not important as to how much you have, it is what you do with what you have that counts."
       Whether we like it or not, life is not fair, always rosy or full of fun. We have the good days and the bad days. Sometimes I bring my umbrella when the sun is shining and leave it in the car when there is a downpour.
       The story is very clear. God will take care of His children in miraculous and unbelievable ways. Our job is to give life all we have while we're waiting for payday.
       Oh, what about the retirement benefits? They're just out of this world!

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