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Chris Rock released results of DNA test despite Bowyer's claims of a gag order
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Chris Rock and Kali Bowyer - photo by Herald File
    The woman suing Chris Rock to determine if he is the father of her 13-year old son was shocked when the comedian released the results of a DNA test conducted earlier this year.
    "No one's supposed to be talking about it," said Kali Bowyer, who lives in Bulloch County. "There was a gag order issued by the judge."
    Bowyer said she found out about Rock's statement when a reporter from the Associated Press called her to ask about her reaction to his comments.
    She then issued a statement saying the proceedings are "far from over" and a second test will be conducted. Bowyer said either party could ask for a second test, regardless of the results of the first one.
"What he did (Monday) was completely inappropriate and unprofessional," she said. "I could have cashed in on television shows, but I've asked people to please respect us. This is not a public forum."
    Bowyer, 35, also said there were portions of Rock's statement that were completely false, including allegations that she sold her story to the tabloids. Rock said he "would like for any monies Ms. Bowyer has taken from the tabloid media based on this false story be donated to Bulloch County, GA charities for the benefit of disadvantaged boys and girls."
    Bowyer responded by saying she's never sold her story or taken any money from any media outlets for interviews.
    In Rock's statement, he also claimed he never refused to establish paternity, something Bowyer also denies. She said she has kept all written correspondence, emails and phone records for more than a decade to prove she has made attempts to have a paternity test done.
    "I don't care how big you are, you can not get away with doing this to people," she said.
    Bowyer said she plans on suing Rock for defamation of character and slander based on the contents of the statement, which was released jointly by Rock and his wife.
    Bowyer filed her suit to determine paternity in March and has said all along that she's not 100 percent sure Rock is the father. She and Rock met in a Los Angeles nightclub 13 years ago when she was living in California.
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