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Chief York: Lock your doors
Advice offered after thieves hit automobiles, unlocked businesses
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    After a series of automobile break-ins and an unusual number of open doors found at local businesses after hours, Statesboro Police Chief Stan York reminds citizens of a very simple theft deterrent: lock your doors.
    While not every entering auto case or burglary is the result of unlocked doors or open windows, Statesboro Police officers have seen a surprising number of incidents lately where someone left a car unlocked, or a business door was left unsecured, he said.
    Wednesday in particular, there were several police incident reports filed where officers on routine patrol after normal business hours found doors left unlocked and sometimes open. And, there have been numerous reports of entering auto incidents this week as well, he said.
     York said he would like to " remind everyone to secure all personal and valuable items left inside vehicles out of sight, and ask you to remember to lock your doors and windows when the vehicles are not attended.
    "In recent weeks, there has been a slight increase of 'entering auto' crimes within the city and in most of these cases, the vehicles were left with the doors unlocked and the valuables were in plain sight."
    Officers found several doors and windows open at a number of businesses around town Wednesday evening. At KFC on North  Main Street, there was evidence of someone trying to enter the business, and police responded to an alarm that sounded, according to reports. But most business key holders reported nothing missing or disturbed after police notified them of finding open or unsecured doors.
    York suggested business owners " make sure their buildings are secured when closing the business, with all access points locked. Officers ... have discovered several businesses and buildings with doors unlocked during normal patrols after business hours."
    With the return of college and university students, and the approach of the holiday season, cries such as burglaries and automobile break-ins traditionally increase.  Often offenders will shatter car windows in order to access valuables they see inside, but locking valuables in a trunk or hiding them out of sight - better yet, securing them inside your home instead of keeping them in a vehicle - can prevent  the loss of valuables, he said.
    "This is a friendly reminder from the Statesboro Police Department to assist you in not becoming a victim of crime," York said.
    Anyone with information about any crime, or with questions, can contact the Statesboro Police Department at (912) 764-9911.

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