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Community Review
New opportunities to interact online
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    I hope everyone remembered to spring forward last night. If not, it’s time to reset your clock and join the rest of us in Daylight Savings Time.
    Daylight Savings Time always excites me because it makes me feel like I have more hours in the day. I have always hated to see the day come to an end.

Blog Boom 

    BlogSpace has been busy this week. Our online community has commented on a wide variety of topics. Blogs are a great way to debate issues we face as a community. Read the featured blog about driving while on the cell phone.
    Blogs can introduce us to neighbors we might otherwise never meet. Since Bulloch County is such a widespread rural area, we might greet each other in the grocery aisle but never discuss our thoughts and ideas.
    By the way, GaWalkMan wants to know what happened to blogger SocialWorkGuy. The online community misses you. Blog us and let us know what you’re up to these days.

Join Us

    Blogs provide an easy way to inform people about clubs and civic organizations that make our community a better place to live. Informational brochures will be thrown away, but a blog is available 24/7. Read the featured blog about the American Red Cross.
    Do you want to attract younger members to your group? Post a blog. Younger community members go to the Internet for information.

Sports Fans

    Catch the live blog chat with our Sports Guys on Thursdays at 6 p.m., beginning March 15. You can blog them with questions and comments while they are online. Go ahead and create your free account now, so you can log in and blog.

Bulloch Biz Blog

    Want to know the latest in business? Join the live business blog chat with Bulloch Biz Insider Jan Moore on Mondays at 4:30 p.m., beginning March 19. Blog Jan with your questions and comments. You never know when she might have the answer to Statesboro’s burning question:  When will we get an upscale grocery store?

Community Calendar

    Many of the listed events contain more details than space would allow here. See the Community Calendar on the Web site for more information.


    In addition to having fun with the magazine, kids can visit Kidsville on the Web by clicking on Kidsville at the top of the homepage. Games, downloadable activity pages and more are available. Truman will be making more appearances soon. Watch the Web site for information.

Photo Gallery

    We have lots of new pictures. Check them out, and add your pictures for us to see.
    Make it a great week!
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