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Connect Crime: Never curse a cop
W cursing

    A reportedly drunken woman, who was younger than the legal age to possess or consume alcohol, flagged down a police officer and asked for a ride. When he said he could not drive her but offered to hail her a cab, she became angry and cursed him loudly. She was cited for underage possession of alcohol and escorted home by a sober adult.

    CRAPPY DRIVING — A woman called police to Walmart around 1:45 a.m. recently, stating a man “threw fecal matter” at her car after she argued with him in the parking lot about the way she was driving. Reports did not state what type of fecal matter it was or where the man obtained it — two things we really want to know.

    KNOCK, KNOCK — Who’s there? A man at Eagle Villa Suites told police that around 2:40 a.m. one day last week, someone knocked on his door. When he answered, the person stuck a pistol through the door opening. The complainant slammed the door shut before the offender could enter, and the suspect was gone when police arrived.

    SCAM ALERT — An East Main Street woman told officers one afternoon last week that a caller identifying himself as a law enforcement officer tried to get her to pay a fine for missing jury duty, else she would be arrested. Police warn citizens that true officers will never contact you by phone or solicit payment for fines. The name of the officer the caller claimed to be does not exist, reports stated. Several similar reports from other victims were filed as well.

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