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The Creek keeps on rising
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Following the success of the inaugural concert in the Rising Creek Music Series, Brandi Harvey and the leadership at the Averitt Center for the Arts are already planning the second show in the series. Expectations are high that this will become a staple event for those who love and support the music scene in our area. It is already shaping up to be a cornerstone for the growing family of songwriters and musicians from the Southeast.  “An anchor event in the venue that has been called ‘the anchor of downtown Statesboro,’” is one of the phrases used to describe it.

So, what is the Rising Creek Music Series? The goal of RCMS is to give local and regional songwriters and bands an opportunity to perform their original music for an audience that is there to hear great new music and support the artists they’ve come to love. While there are several music venues around town, there aren’t any true listening rooms where artists are able to show off their songwriting skills and connect with audiences over the music they create. So, every six months or so, the RCMS planning committee pours over the submissions they receive listening for musicianship, tone, lyrics, message and more. Three acts are chosen to perform their original songs in the two hour show for an enthusiastic audience of music lovers.

“It’s a great opportunity for bands to network, try their music out, see what if feels like to take the stage as more than just a bar act, and add to their fan base,” says Harvey. “We hope that this will become a show that musicians and fans all over the Southeast are excited to perform for and attend.”

Performers aren’t expected to give up a paid gig for nothing, either. Each performer is paid for the event.

“We know how hard these folks work, so we actually give them a bit of a break. They’ll get paid the same thing for 45 minutes that they would get paid for a full four hour show,” she added.

The group is now in the planning phase for the second concert in the series. The deadline for submissions is Jan. 11. Performers are encouraged to send a digital press kit to Harvey at for consideration. On Jan. 12, the committee will begin reviewing the submissions to determine the top three bands who will take the stage the big night.

Unlike the previous concert, this time around will be on a Friday, March 1. When asked about the change, Harvey says the choice was challenging to make.

“We wrestled with it, but in the end,” she says, “we want local and regional musicians to be able to attend, also. Since this is a new show, we’re trying on a different night this time around to see what kind of turnout we get. We want to be able to offer be able to share these talented performers with as large an audience as possible. We are hoping this series will continue to grow, and we welcome feedback from the artists and community about how we can continue to make it bigger and better.”

For ticket information, visit the Averitt Center’s Facebook page, or