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Bridge 7/7
The date calls for grand slam
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    On 07/07/07, I wanted to feature a deal in which a seven plays a key role. But I am away from home and forgot to bring along a copy of “Right Through the Pack,” which contains 52 stories, each featuring one card from the deck. I searched the Internet without success. But at I did see this: Two university students were playing at the local YMCA. They heard that six diamonds was cold (unbeatable) on board five. So, when they got to that deal, the bidding went six diamonds - double - redouble - all pass. It was cold — for the opponents! Down 11, doubled and redoubled, cost 6,400.
    Here, appropriately, is a seven-level contract. How would you try to make seven spades on a heart lead?
    After South uses Gerber to learn that his partnership has all four aces, he jumps to seven spades, knowing that it will be at worst on the diamond finesse.
    You have a two-way guess for the diamond queen. Leave that suit for last, trying to find out as much as possible about the lie of the other three suits.
    Take the first trick, play off dummy’s club ace, ruff a club in your hand, lead a trump to the board, and ruff a club. When West discards, draw the missing trumps and cash the last two heart tricks. What have you learned?
    That East began with three spades, at least three hearts and six clubs. So, he has at most one diamond. Cash your diamond king, then run the diamond jack through West. Nicely counted!
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