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Weekly Whatup 6.23
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Sports is my life. I knew growing up — and when I mean growing up I mean as late as high school and into the University  — that without sports, my life would be tres miserable.

            Luckily, I found a profession where I get to spend each and every day submersed in the world of sports, from local to national to global.

            So leave it me to make a metaphorical message with sports when it comes to... marriage.

            That’s right kids, this Saturday your ever humble Weekly Whatup-er will officially be taken off the market. Sorry ladies (or fellas — I’ll take what I can get).

            The No. 1 question I’ve gotten over the past few months has been on the level of my state of nervousness. As of Monday afternoon in the office of the fabulous and pristine Statesboro Herald — it is a 1. But as Saturday nears, it will likely rise like the heat index in Bulloch County.

            It’s not to say I’m nervous about the marriage itself, but your wedding day is like the Super Bowl. And although athletes strive to get to the Big Game as many times as possible, human beings hope for one, and only one, ‘Super Bowl’ in their lifetime.

            And, as athletes often say, “If you’re not nervous, there’s something wrong.”

            Saturday, I’m signing a lifetime contract, something extinct from the sports world and, let’s face it, extinct from the marriage world as well.

            I’ve been a part of my current team for 6 1/2 years now and made the decision to wear the same uniform before it melts off my decomposing body.

            Now matter how many bad seasons, wins and losses, members we add to the youth academy and mascots roam the family house — this is it and this is the way I plan to keep it.

            So Saturday starts what I hope will be two Hall of Fame careers for one Mr. and Mrs. Bishop. Wish us some of that ‘L’ word, because as they say: “To win, you need to be good, and you need a little luck.”


Other stuff

            Let’s run a quick gauntlet of what’s happenin’ in the nation.

            U-S-A! U-S-A! The US soccer team rose from the dead to shock Egypt 3-0 on Sunday, then watched as Brazil shocked Italy 3-0.

            The crazy tiebreaker scenario — here we go, yo — put Sam’s Army in the Confederation Cup semifinals against Spain.

            The States’ has no chance at beating the Spaniards... but did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!

            USA 1, Spain 0

            Wimbledon started on Monday, and in keeping with the Patriotic theme, I’m picking Andy Roddick to win.

            That’s right you cheeky blokes, Roddick will have you choking on your cucumber sandwiches and spittin’ out your tea.

            Overall mark on the year fo’ me: 8-9.