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Weekly Whatup, 5/12
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    G’day my rowdy readers. Hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day.
    Growing up, my good mum had to put up with a lot of nonsense. Me being the sports nut that I was — and still am — it would take countless hours explaining to her why I needed to stay up way past my bedtime to watch whatever sporting event was on that night.
    Who knows how many hours she spent driving me God knows where to let me participate in whatever flavor-of-the-month sport I had become fond of.
    To make it worse — my ma hates sports. Sure, she can sit through the occasional hoops game, or maybe make it through a couple innings of baseball. But she also has a theory that all sports are fixed and none of it really means a thing anyway.
    I guess in a way all that stuff had a profound impact on my career. Making people believe that these games we love really do matter and trying to paint a picture of what happened and why can all be accredited to ma mere in some round-a-bout way.
    So happy Mother’s Day mom. You’re like a buzzer beater, walk-off homer, Hail Mary, sudden death score, golden goal, photo finish and championship all wrapped in to one.
    Sweet Mama’s Day musings don’t make the record any better: 13-18.

    Four games left, and the 2008 Georgia Southern baseball regular season will be over.
    It seems like only yesterday hopes of making a NCAA Regional had been dashed and thoughts of 2009 were beginning to seep into the GSU fan’s consciousness.
    Buts alas! Three conference games to go, and Hennon’s Homer Hitters have a chance at climbing into second place to finish the year. Egads!
    The Eagles (15-9 Southern Conference) sit in a dead heat with Furman for third place, 1⁄2 game back of the College of Charleston for second. They can’t catch Elon, who is already done at 19-8, but they can get into the SoCon tourney bracket opposite the Phoenix. That’s big stuff.
    So while GS heads to Greenville to face those pesky Purple Paladins this weekend, Charlie gets Western Carolina (13-11) and UNC Greensboro (14-10) draws lowly Davidson. Don’t forget about Appy (13-11), either, they face woeful Wofford to end the campaign.
    I won’t make any predictions about Southern sweeping their hated rivals, finishing in second a game out of first while the teams around them collapse under the pressure. My jinxing powers are far greater than I had anticipated.
    I’ll just watch with the rest of you and see what happens.

That ball ain’t soft
    Congratulations are in order for the Georgia Southern softball team.
    Although it didn’t end the way they wanted, GSU made another impressive run through the Southern Conference tournament, nearly upending powerhouse Chattanooga.
    Head coach Natalie Poole may be as under appreciated as they come — in Georgia Southern circles, anyway. With fire this guy, and get rid of that coach, no one’s the wiser to the GSU softball program being a force to be reckoned with year-in and year-out.
    Here’s to another great season.

The season after the season
    Well, we started with six teams and are down to two in the prep playoffs. You can’t win ‘em all — although I would argue you can.
    Statesboro continued its hot streak by (insert vulgar verb here) Bainbridge. Everything went the Blue Devils’ way and everything Bainbridge countered with failed miserably. That’s baseball for yah.
    Out in Sylvania, Screven got a fortunate stroke of luck when Appling County upset Dublin. That means the Gamecocks get a second round series at home as a two seed. Not entirely rare — but not expected either.
    Both SHS and SC play on Wednesday with a chance to host yet again in the quarterfinals.