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Weekly Whatup, 12/22
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When the holiday season rolls around in our society, there’s one main question that on the tips of everyone’s tongue, ready to be asked without being evoked: What do you want?

            Whether it’s a special Christmas wish or an extra present from the Big Man to the North, our minds are consumed with want with be under our tree, what will be in our stocking, what good fortune is in our future?

            But perhaps the better question this time of year should be, “What can I give?” I know, it sounds a little preachy, but why not a little self-sacrifice, a little something out of the ordinary this season?

            It doesn’t have to be much, it could be an extra smile and ‘hello’ on the sidewalk, holding the door open for someone even if they are an extra few feet away, giving up that parking spot (the mall’s not going anywhere) or putting a few extra bucks in the tip jar.

            With that being said, in the spirit of giving, a Merry Christmas to all our kind and never complaintent readers, and here’s some holiday predictions to take to the bank.


Yes, Virginia, these are real Bowl Games

            How Boise State-TCU got mixed in with this bunch, I’ll never know. But I won’t hold the Poinsettia Bowl guilty by association.

            The Broncos are undefeated and America’s college football darling once again. But the Horned Frogs (10-2) play in a much tougher Mountain West Conference. The tiebreaker? Mascot.

            Horned Frogs beat the Broncos, 34-33.

            In Hawaii on Wednesday, the Warriors welcome Notre Dame. While it’s absolutely absurd that the Fighting(?) Irish are in a bowl game, someone took my giving rant to heart and sent them to the Islands. Be careful what you wish for.

            I’ll take Hawaii, 31-14.

            Central Michigan and Florida Atlantic meet in the Motor City Bowl. If two teams play and no one watches, does someone still win? Something else to ponder this holiday season.

            Take the Fighting Schnellenberger’s 28, Chippewas 21.

            Finally, on Saturday, some games worth mentioning (mostly to fill the rest of this column up).

            In the Meineke Bowl, West Virginia aces North Carolina. Take the Tar Heels’ defense, 17-13.

            Wisconsin plays Florida State in the Champs Sports Bowl, a.k.a. the Disappointing Bowl. Take the ‘Noles, 24-17.

            Miami and California play in the Emerald Bowl, a game where players run around the stadium collecting jewels for points in a video-game style melee until times runs out. It’s sweeping the nation!

            Take the ‘Canes, 27-24.

            Last, and yes, certainly least, Northern Illinois play Louisiana Tech. Wait, why is there not a playoff?

            I’ll roll with the Huskies, 44-41.



            I’ll be honest — would I ever lie to you? — I was on the cold and icy road all day Sunday, meaning any sort of playoff scenarios couldn’t fit into the ol’ Weekly Whatup come this morning.

            But whatever did happen with our home-state Falcons, I do know this, there’s no way they’ll lose this Sunday in the season finale against the St. Louis Rams.

            Whether it’s must-win or not, dem Dirty Birds will leave the 2008 regular season with a ‘Dubya’ — it’s my lock of the year: 35-10.

            So while I’m not quite sure how big any of these following games will be, let’s pick them anyway, just for yules and mistletoes.

            At the start of the season, I felt New England would miss out on the playoffs sans Tom Brady. A loss to Buffalo could make that a reality. I feel like something strange will happen in that one.

            Bills circle the wagons, win 17-14.

            In New York, Thomas Jones and the Brett’s top Miami, 24-14; In Maryland, Baltimore beats Jacksonville, 20-10; In the Ill-a-delph, McNabb beats Romo, 34-27.

            Where that’ll leave everyone, I’m not quite sure.

            What I am sure of, is that it’s X-Mas time, so everyone have a good un. We’ll wrap-up — hah! get it! — 2008 next week.