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Monday Mouthoff 3/31
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    I’d like to start this week off by sending a warm and gracious ‘Thank You’ to the fine folks over at Georgia Southern.
    Last week, former Eagles quarterback Jayson Foster — et al — worked out in front of some professional scouts over at Beautiful Eagle Creek in what was termed as ‘Pro Day’.
    I assumed that many of my media brethren would stay away from this spectacle, seeing how it could in no way provide outstanding (free) publicity to the GSU football program, how it could in no way shed even more light on one of the most decorated athletes in the history of Georgia Southern and how it would just be burdensome to the scouts, agents and GSU personnel attempting to manage such a tiresome event.
    But to my astonishment, at exactly 6:25 p.m. on Tuesday, March 25, Cinderella got her invitation to the ball! We were going to Pro Day!
    And go we did. What courtesy! What kindness! What sensational sincerity GSU showed in allowing our presence on that magnificent day. I can only hope other schools take notice and one day — one day — all of these so called ‘Pro Day’s’ will be open at all schools around the nation. Hallelujah!
    Record to thus point: 10-12. Davidson got to the Elite Eight, then lost as we expected. Now Matt Yogus can change his undergarments.


    Thank the Good Lord for baseball season.
    I wrote this long before my Atlanta Braves and the Washington Nationals had officially kicked off the Major League Baseball season (stateside), so I’m assuming Tim Hudson pitched a perfect game, Chipper and Tex combined for 6 homers and Yunel Escobar made the entire SportsCenter Top 10 by himself.
    As for the rest of the season, I’m confident the Braves will make the playoffs (prediction one). I don’t know if they’ll win the division, but I’m certain this team is capable of at least making a run at the wild card.
    As for this week (prediction two), the Braves will sweep the Pirates (their only good pitcher is at AAA Indianapolis and has a name that rhymes with Flyman Hodgers) and take 2 of 3 from the Mets.
    I am being too fanatical? Well if giving myself a mohawk and tattooing ‘Jair’ into my backside is fanatical — you win this round, good sir.

The Plankenhorn

    Track and field doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves around these parts.
    Ask any football coach and they’ll tell you a quality track program is a dangerous weapon come fall. Ask any basketball coach and they’ll tell you they’d love to have their kids working out in the long jump and high jump competitions during the spring months.
    This Saturday is the annual Plankenhorn Invitational in Brooklet at Southeast Bulloch High School. There’s not another event like it in our area and we at the Herald have a great time covering it each year.
    This year plans to be no exception, and to do even more, were hoping to get more than one story in the paper this week - profiling, previewing, running down anything and everything involved with this event.
    Take some time if you can out of your Saturday this weekend and head out to Brooklet. You won’t regret it.