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Monday Mouthoff, 3/17
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    First off, don’t kiss me, I’m not Irish. I’m in no mood for slobbering’s from green T-shirt wearing hooligans whose real ancestry traces back to Scotland. You’ve only been Irish since it’s been cool. You ain’t foolin’ me.
    Besides, St. Patrick is from Scotland, anyway.
    Speaking of cool, those Georgia Southern baseball bats certainly cooled off a couple days this week. Forget the NCAA record 14 homers in one game — going 3-2 after I called for perfection does me absolutely no good. Blast!
    Record thus far: 5-9. How’d I’d ever get five? It’s a miracle.

March Sadness

    Well, since my alma mater is nowhere to be found in this year’s bracket — yet again — time to throw out some first round locks and get that record back to respectable.
    First, I can’t overlook our cohorts at Davidson. Stephen Curry and Company have just about obliterated everyone outside the Top 25, and I don’t see that ending this weekend.
    I’m certainly not one of those dorks that cheers for rivals because, “It makes the conference look good — waaaa!”, but DC is playing in Raleigh, N.C. and that’s right in the Son of David’s backyard.
    Put a lock on it: Cats go to the Sweet Sixteen.
    Out in the West bracket, no surprise that the most overrated squad, ‘America’s Team’, Duke, somehow got a No. 2 seed. Maybe because all they make is 3s. Think of the irony.
    So mark in down: the Dukies don’t make it past the second round and we can all look forward to another lacrosse scandal.
    In the Midwest, Clemson jumped up to a No. 5 after making the ACC title game. Since I enjoy what I do, and my immediate superior is a Clemson alum, looks like I’m picking El Tigres to beat ’Nova in Round One. No analysis, no reasoning, just pure fear and pressure on that one.
    Here’s another superduper, lock-o-the-week out there that might be off your radar: Temple will beat Michigan State. The Hoo’s look impressive.
    Here’s some other quickies: Georgia will lose, all the No. 1 seeds will win and Coppin State keeps the dream alive with an Opening Round win over the Mount.

Football —
American that is

    Chris Hatcher and GSU wrapped up the first week of Spring on Friday with a bit of a mini scrimmage.
    It’s pretty hard to gauge this bunch right now. The depth on defense looks good, and the battle at quarterback is intriguing.
    But who’s going to play running back? And even tougher of a question, who’s going to block for him?
    A 3-3-5 defense, or is it a 3-4? After they’re lined up can they even tackle?
    For most, spring football may be a time for excitement and hope. For me it’s turned into a time of agonizing worriment of all that could be problematic and troublesome in the upcoming campaign.
    Damn you journalism!