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Kenny still getting to know Jackets
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Coach Kenny SEB - On Taking the new Job

SEB Head Coach John Kenny talks about the excitement of his new job.
    Times are tough for the Southeast Bulloch Yellow Jackets. As if coming off a 2-8 season in 2006 wasn’t enough of a hurdle for the SEB football team to try and overcome, they are going to have to bounce back with a new coach.
    Following the resignation of Mike Ward, John Kenny took over the helms, and heading into today’s practice — the first of the fall for the Jackets —there are still a lot of question marks.
    “We’re still learning a lot about our kids each day,” said Kenny. “Obviously just the 10 days in spring in pads is not enough time… We’ve seen them run around a good bit this summer in shorts. We obviously need more time in pads.”
    That time is soon.
    With just one month before SEB’s first kickoff at home against Toombs County, the early focus will be on learning what Kenny’s Jackets can do on the field.
    “We’ve learned enough to get them in the general area,” Kenny said, “but we need to learn who can play on Friday night.”
    Kenny’s method for getting his team ready for September will pick up right where they left off at the end of spring practice. Spring was all about the coaching staff and the team getting to know each other, keeping practice simple and sticking to the basics.
    The staff will continue to focus on fundamentals, keeping things simple heading into the 2007 season. Keeping it basic, says Kenny, will give the staff enough knowledge to get the team ready to play.
    Kenny expects about 70 kids to show up to the first fall practice, and he hopes they will be ready to start working in the August heat of Brooklet. That is where the SEB water girls come in.
    “(The heat) doesn’t change how you practice. You’ve just got to be smart when dealing with it,” said Kenny. “We actually have water girls that are at practice that are assigned to each group. Every time a player gets out of a drill, he can drink as much water as possible. It’s part of football. Like I tell the kids, ‘It’s hot all over. As long as you practice through it, you get better.’ Those that don’t — it effects them.”
    With 70 kids on the team, finding out where to put them will be the focus of the next month.
    “We’re still a long way off,” said Kenny. “We will not have a solid depth chart until after the jamboree game on (August) 24th. We have a tentative depth chart coming out of spring and summer. As we evaluate kids as we get into pads, we’re constantly moving them. It’s a long process. Spring and summer helped, but we’re still a long way off from determining who’s going to be that starter and who is the backup.”

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