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Are you ready for Pigskin Pickem?
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    It’s about due time to let all our wonderful and faithful readers in on a quaint little secret: for I am a genius.

    It’s a burden I’m forced to live with, yet I cope the best I know how everyday. For you see, I have a gift, and it’s wrapped in prophecy with a bow of intuitiveness.

    College football season is right around the corner, and that can mean only one thing: sports writers everywhere are ready to tell you what to think and how to think.

    We at Thee Statesboro Herald are by no means any different. But never before have we had a device as to measure our great intellect to the muddled masses. has serendipitously found a way to utilize my superior strength of mind by creating the Pigskin Pick’em game, now currently available online.

    It’s quite simple, really, even for an audience of your asininity. All you have to do is sign up, create a username (perhaps in honor of your favorite collegiate football squadron) and make your picks every week for member institutions of the Southern Conference, ACC and SEC. And ah yes, it’s free.

    Then, when the weekend draws to a close, you can check up on how mercilessly Your Humble Narrator is beating the tar out of you. In fact, seeing as Minehardt Vineyards is our wonderful sponsor, I may as well have a glass or three of their fine wines while punching in my championship choices. A splendid idea if I do say so me self.

    At this point, if you haven’t slammed the mouse onto the mouse pad and started making your way to One Herald Square to wring my neck (I know how some of you more brutish types get), you’re probably asking yourself, ‘Self, what’s the point? You’ll fail at this as you fail at everything else.’ I couldn’t agree more.

    What I can offer you, however, is prizes. Fabulous, fabulous prizes. I would like to give you a list of prizes that will be offered, but frankly it’s a certain someone’s final week in the office and we’re pretty paranoid to see what his final day antics may include. I’m looking in your direction Lucas Marteeeeen.

    So, in a sort of roundabout way, this is a challenge. Although in another way this won’t be much of a challenge to me at all. In fact, if anyone so dares to beat me, I’ll wear their favorite team’s shirt for a day, post it on the ol’ Internet, and we can all have a good holly-jolly.

    Statesboro — bring it on!