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Work camp inmates charged in attempt to obtain contraband
Arrest pending for suspect who left items at work site
Clifford Daniel Hadley

Three inmates of the Bulloch County Correctional Institute face felony charges for involvement in a plot to obtain contraband while incarcerated – mainly tobacco.

Possession of tobacco is not a crime, unless one is in jail or prison, said Deputy Warden Wayne “Bubba” Smith. But for an inmate, possession of the contraband, or even an attempt to do so, is a felony.

Sometime Sunday, someone dropped off three pounds of tobacco, rolling papers, two cans of “dip” (smokeless tobacco), and two cigarette lighters, all wrapped in plastic and black tape, at the W.W. Mann Retreat Center near Brooklet, he said.

Prison work details were planned for the area, and apparently the suspect left the contraband behind for the inmates to collect, he said.

The inmates involved were Clifford Daniel Hadley, 37, Harris Lane, Tracy City, Tenn.; Billy Warren Wilson, 33, Highway 301 North and Preston Cole Wood, 32, Martin Loop Road, Cartersville, according to Bulloch County Jail records. All three men were charged with conspiracy to commit a felony and criminal attempt to commit a felony.

The problem with outsiders leaving contraband for inmates to find is common, said BCCI Warden Chris Hill. He has collected and photographed “drop offs” at various locations around the county on numerous occasions in the past. Sometimes the items left include illegal drugs. “We have had them drop off marijuana, crystal meth, and synthetic marijuana,” he said.

Offenders trying to smuggle illicit materials have a rather unpleasant way of sneaking the items in, he said.

“They call it laying eggs. They will insert (the contraband) into their rectum” and later expel the package.

It is surprising what people will do for a cigarette or other drugs, he said. “A few years ago, one inmate smuggled in a cell phone, charger, Blue Tooth and tobacco, all in one trip.”

Inmates who know where they will be working, such as in a spot where a task was left incomplete and equipment left overnight, will call friends or family members and tell them where to leave the contraband, Hill said.

Investigators have identified the suspect who allegedly dropped off the three pounds of tobacco and other items at the W.W. Mann Retreat Center, and an arrest is pending, he said.


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