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Veterans town hall meeting is Wednesday
Barrow to hold gathering at Honey Bowen Building
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     Georgia 12th District Congressman John Barrow will hold a town hall meeting for veterans on Wednesday in Statesboro. The gathering is scheduled for 5:30-7 p.m. at the Honey Bowen Building.   

     Barrow is holding six veterans town hall meetings across the 12th District. Since the 2007 meetings, Congress passed $3.7 billion in additional veterans funding. That’s the largest single funding increase in the 77-year history of the Department of Veterans Affairs.    

     The Veterans Affairs Administration also more than doubled the mileage reimbursement rate for disabled veterans who have to drive long distances to VA hospitals for health care, from 11 cents to 28.5 cents.

     “I hold these meetings because I don’t think our nation’s veterans should have to travel long distances to meet with their Congressman,” Barrow said. “This tour is an opportunity to meet with veterans where they live.”     

     The town hall meetings are open to all the public. Veterans and active duty military personnel are encouraged to stop by to talk with Barrow, ask questions, and share their thoughts and concerns about how Congress is representing America’s veterans. 

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