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Tribute concert to be held for gospel singer Ethel Lane
Ethel Lane - photo by Special
    Ethel Lane has been singing for other people almost her entire life, but other than “Happy Birthday,” she’s never had anyone sing to her.
    That will change this Saturday when a tribute concert to the gospel singer will be held at the Historical First African Baptist Church beginning at 5 p.m.
    “I never dreamed of anything like this,” said Lane. “It’s almost to much for me to think about.”
    Lane said she’d been singing all her life, but it wasn’t until she went to Harlem School of Art in New York City before she “really started singing.” She credits her adoptive mother, Florence Scott, encouraging her to take voice lessons.
    “She was quite an inspiration,” Lane said.
    From there, she began auditioning for various parts until she felt God calling her in a different direction.
    “One day, the spirit of the Lord said to me ‘I didn’t call you to be famous. I just want someone to use for my honor and glory,’” Lane said.
    After singing and performing in New York for years, Lane moved back to Bulloch County where she’s continued to sing anytime anyone asks her to. And to hear other people tell it, she’s very good.
    “Her singing is amazing, it’s beautiful, wonderful and so spiritual,” said the Rev. Harry Tremble of the Historical First African Baptist Church.
    Lane, meanwhile, is modest when it comes to her singing abilities.
    “I might not sound that good to myself, but undoubtedly I sound good to some people,” she said. “I want people to know when I sing that God loves them and I love them, and I hope that I’m singing from my soul.”
    Scheduled to perform at the celebration are the choirs from the Statesboro Church of God and the Historical First African Baptist Church. The men’s chorus from the HFABC will be singing, as well.
    And true to form, Lane will also take the stage to perform.
    Tremble said he’s looking forward to a day to honor Lane.
    “It’s going to be beautiful to her,” he said. “It’s going to be joyful because when a person like her gives so much to the community, you need to show them you’re thankful for it.
    “I’ve always said you need to give flowers to someone while they’re living (instead of waiting until a funeral,)” he said. “This is like us giving her flowers to honor her for all she’s done.”
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