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Suspect pleads guilty in shooting
Chassereau pleads to manslaughter, gets 20 years
Monte Calvin Chassereau

A man charged in shooting a friend after an argument plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter last week, said Ogeechee Judicial Circuit Assistant District Attorney Michael Muldrew.
Bulloch County Superior Court Judge John R. Turner sentenced Monte Calvin Chassereau, 50, Ash Branch Church Road,  to 20 years, with 15 to serve and five years probation, Muldrew said.
Last February, Chassereau shot and killed Jason Michael Hendrix, 33, Claxton. According to Bulloch County Sheriff Lynn Anderson, the two had been riding around together, visiting friends earlier that day, but something went wrong.
Chassereau and Hendrix began arguing once they arrived back at the Ash Branch Church Road location, and the disagreement escalated to the point that Chassereau “retrieved a shotgun from his residence, returned to the front yard where (Hendrix) was located, and shot him with  the shotgun,” Anderson said.
Muldrew said statements made by Chassereau revealed the two had argued over Chassereau’s boasts about his hunting and shooting skills. Hendrix apparently became tired of hearing Chassereau’s boasts and told him to “shut up,” he said.
When the two returned to Chassereau’s home, Chassereau told Hendrix to leave, When he refused, Chassereau went inside, grabbed a shotgun, returned outside and shot his friend, he said,
According to reports, both Hendrix and Chassereau had been drinking all day. Responding EMTs reported Hendrix was dead upon their arrival at the scene.

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