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Statesboro woman speaks out about Rock paternity case
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Chris Rock and Kali Bowyer - photo by Special
    A Bulloch County woman seeking to compel comedian Chris Rock to take a paternity test said she gave him every opportunity to take the test before resorting to going to court.
    In a statement emailed to the Statesboro Herald Monday, Kali Bowyer attempted to dispel rumors that she and Rock agreed to a DNA test 10 years, but she "disappeared" before the test was ever conducted.
    "This is simply just not true," she said.
    She said Rock and his attorney's had her phone number and address "if Chris, at some point, decided to honor my request for a DNA test, they had multiple ways of contacting me."
    Also in her statement, Bowyer said she is not "100 percent" sure Rock is the father.
    "If I were 100 percent positive I would not have requested a DNA test. I would have gone to the lawyers and courts for child support order," she said.  "It's hard enough for a parent of any child to seek such a test, let alone someone in the public eye."
    Bowyer filed papers in the Bulloch County Courthouse in March seeking to compel Rock to a paternity test. News of the filing broke in April and Bowyer then indicated the case would be moved to New York. However, shortly after it was moved, the case was returned to Statesboro at the request of Rock's attorney.
    Had her son not fallen ill, Bowyer said she wouldn't have even contacted an attorney to pursue the matter. Bowyer did not say what her son's ailment is.
    "Any parent who has a child laying in an (emergency room) bed would seek out paternity when faced with the situation," she said.
    Bowyer also had some words for the media in her comments.
    "Chris has acknowledged we had a limited relationship to the court and is willing to take the test," she said. "These tabloids, news websites and blogs report as if I have spoken with them. They take bits and pieces of different things, information, and piece something together. As for the secret sources that wish to exaggerate/add situations, I will let my lawyers deal with them."
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