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Statesboro Fire Department begins annual hydrant testing
Residents in specific testing area may see drop in pressure, water discoloration
Photo Courtesy City of Statesboro Fire Department / Two firefighters with the Statesboro Fire Department are shown opening a fire hydrant as part of an annual test to ensure all hydrants are in working order.

The Statesboro Fire Department began conducting its annual hydrant testing Feb. 1 within the City of Statesboro limits, as well as the five-mile response area. According to a release from department, testing will last through the end of April. 

When hydrants are being tested, Statesboro water customers in the specific area may experience low water pressure or possible water discoloration in their home or buildings for a short period of time. 

“If you notice discolored water, you should start by flushing your cold water lines,” Assistant Chief Jason Baker said in the release. “It is recommended to start flushing your water lines with an outside water spigot if you have one or a faucet without a screen. 

“Run the water until clear, then move into the lowest floors in your home or business, turning on each faucet one at a time until the water is clear, then move to the upper floors and repeat the process. 

“You should also flush your refrigerator's water lines. It is also recommended not to use discolored water to do laundry because your clothes can become stained.”

The Statesboro Fire Department notifies the city’s Public Utilities department each as to exactly where the hydrant testing is taking place.  

Customers with questions may contact the Statesboro Public Utilities department at (912) 764-6154.

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