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September 13 - The article in today's paper about Barrow's precarious situation with the new distr
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The article in today's paper about Barrow's precarious situation ... with the new district. ... The article stated that Barrow is conservative to moderate Democrat. That is not true. Barrow pretends to be a conservative ... but he's really not. He voted against Obama care when he knew it was already going to pass. ... Ran for re-election on the eye that he voted against Obama care ... and then when he had the opportunity to repeal Obama care, he voted for it. So, Obam ... so, Barrow really is not really conservative Democrat. He's just somebody who's really a liberal who likes to pretend that he's a conservative. And I do hope he is defeated.

We live on Highway 67 between I-16 and Statesboro. Georgia Southern is having their first home game next weekend and people from all over everywhere will be coming ... into town this way. ... I am ashamed of the way our highway is grown up. ... Please try to cut it before the ball season begins. ... Thank you.

If you are invited to a wedding, it is customary to purchase a gift for the bride and groom. The gift may be money, a trip or items from the registry. Please do not come and dine with the couple ... and do not leave them ... without a token of appreciation. Anything short of that is rude and disrespectful. In short, do not show up.

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