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September 12 - Please let Sam Brannen know that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will take those tire tracks o
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Please let Sam Brannen know that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will take those tire tracks off from where he was thrown under the bus.

… I'd like to thank Bulloch Academy for acceptin' Jesus Christ. … The rest of the schools must be ashamed of God and they … they won't let you have prayer in school and nuthin' else. … But … they're gonna see in the long-run that they need God. That's just showin' that … they think they don't need God, but you gon' need God. Let's put prayer back in school and put Jesus in our life.

Come on, people, don't be ashamed of Jesus. 'Cause if you ashamed of Him, He'll be ashamed of you. … Every body needs to put in their yard a manger scene. … Everybody. … And if you're gonna write anything, put 'Merry Christmas', not 'Happy Holidays'.

Why do gas stations offer the convenience of payin' at the pump … when the receipt will never print? … Most of these gas stations in town just want to get you inside and try to sell you more items. … Be honest. Don't tell us we have the convenience of payin' at the pump when we don't.

I went to the Georgia Southern football game on Saturday, their openin' game. It was very good game, but there was only one thing that was wrong. … The price of a bottle of water is $3. That is ridiculous. You can get a coke for two. I think they need to check in their pricin' … on the water.

Congratulations to all of our great businesses here in Statesboro that fly the Georgia Southern flag in front of their stores. We've got a wonderful university here … and we all need to support it. After all, where would good ol' Statesboro be without Georgia Southern University? Don't our local businesses want the  students and their families shopping at their stores?

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