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October 15 - Why is it that when you call for the dog catches to come get dogs that's roamin' your
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

Why is it that when you call for the dog catches to come ... get dogs that's roamin' your yard, not doin' anythang, and they tell the people to take and put 'em up in their back yard and they'll come get 'im? ... But when you call back, one of 'em is in a meeting ... or parent-teacher's meeting and that is not right.

... haven't heard much out of our representative, John Barrow ... lately. ... He's been ... uncustomarily silent. ... Course he runs with the crowd that gave us Pelosi ... Obama care ... TARP and the so-called stimulus. ... All this is a curse on our grandchildren.

Well, I see the ... elitist in town has checked in on ... Tuesday mornin'. I mean, the ill-informed, inarticulate and bigoted ventings? ... Come on, man. Get a life!

This is for the ... older gentleman in the silver four-door car who was too impatient, disrespectful to acknowledge the wreck on Burkhalter ... Monday. When someone's directin' traffic to help avoid another wreck ... until ... sheriff's department can arrive, you don't pull up behind their legs and blow the horn. Guarantee you wouldn't have done this to a sheriff's deputy or state patrol ... that way. How rude and unthoughtful. Slow down and think of others.

If anyone knows the number for the department that replaces missing traffic signs, please put it in the Soundoff. ... There's a 'No Parking' sign missing ... on Amanda Road at Princess Lane and it's a ... safety hazard. ... And ... the sheriff's office is not able to do anything about it. So, if anybody has the number ... to this department, please list it in the Soundoff.

Hey ... Herald ... thanks for allowing me to listen to 49 minutes of Phil Boyum ranting ... and tellin' how good ... John Barrow is and then droppin' in that ... Sarah Palin is an empty suit ... and ... doesn't know anything when ... he need to look at her record. ... Go back into the Alaska history and see what she did there. ... Then call her an empty suit.

I hope every American will thank God for the miracle He gave to the people of Chile ... to save all miners ... and we're so grateful.

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