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November 9 - Congratulations, Republicans. ... I'm glad you like the way the voting went this time.
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Congratulations, Republicans. ... I'm glad you like the way the voting went this time. ... That'll insure us that Obama will get in for another term. ... So, see how Republicans mess things up ... before that election. Thank you. ... Go, Obama!

You Democrats are amazing. Two years ago, you got your majority in Washington ... promptly slammed and locked the doors ... to all Republicans and any compromise. ... Tuesday, you lost big time in the elections ... and now you wanna compromise. Your insincerity is defeaning!

Don't understand how they can say that the housing market in Bulloch County is still good when there are at least six pages of foreclosures listed in the paper each week.

It's Saturday mornin' ... and I just left McDonald's after encountering a smart-ass gentleman ... in reference to ... me bein' stopped. I was stopped. Therefore, I didn't have to look for pedestrians. ... You should've been lookin' where you were goin' as well as your little giggle-box that you had with you. ... I do hope that you enjoyed your breakfast and I hope ... hope you have a blessed weekend.

Second the motion for major Herald coverage of imminent Gary Lewis court appearance. ... Vast interest parades ... community. I anticipate portentous consequences.

For the one that wrote that about our city councilman, about Mr. Gary Lewis, instead of you sayin' a store, say, story the next time. Get it right! ... And ... I feel in everybody lifetime ... all of us have done somethin' wrong in our lifetime. Some of us got caught and some didn't. Why y'all keep pushin' a issue about a paper? ... About ... what's gonna be done to him? ... What, y'all wanted him to get out of his position? I think he's doin' a great job.

Appalachian State is not the number one team in the nation. ... They were the number one team in the Southern Conference. ... I am referrin' to the article ... in Sunday's paper.

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