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November 24 - Oh, yeah for the ones that's keep on worryin' about Gary and the papers. It wasn't t
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Oh, yeah … for the ones that's keep on worryin' about Gary and the papers. It wasn't that. The man said he only took one paper. That's between him and God. And what about y'all? I know … you done took more than one papers yourself. … The thing is, you just didn't get caught. But guess what? … God saw ya.

Certain folks in Statesboro … are apparently still unaware that there are certain … national holidays not observed by many in Statesboro. Was there mail delivered on Monday?

Hey, y'all, stealing is stealing. I don't care what color you are. If Mr. Lewis did take those papers, he took money from that vendor's pocket. … And as for the police escort for black or white funerals, it's my understanding the family pays for that separately. It is not a courtesy … the taxpayers pay for. So, you need to really get your facts straight.

I beg your pardon. … I saw a white funeral going down 80 the other day … and it did not have a police escort. So, please, keep your ugly thoughts to yourself. And for the naughty children in the laundromat, I don't care if they're black, purple, red, pink or green. They need to be addressed … not to behave that way in public.

To the person that wrote in in Soundoff about the newspapers bein' stolen … and who's accused of rapin' or hurtin' somebody … and … stealin' newspapers not hurting anybody. Think about it. … It's takin' money outta that man that's gettin' out early deliverin' papers. That is his paycheck, just like yours is your paycheck. Would you like somebody steal some money outta your paycheck? Come on, stealin's stealin'. It don't matter how small or how big.

Liberty County … right … handler Joe Watkins was among 11 athletes signing to play baseball at Georgia Southern next season … Coach Rodney Hennon announced Tuesday. … I have seen nothing about this in the Herald.

Interim city manager gets a 30 percent raise? Are you people handin' out money right and left? … Are you … are you lookin' for a riot? … Good lord!

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