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November 19 - It is a sad state of affairs when you continuously try to make a phone call and no one
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It is a sad state of affairs when you continuously try to make a phone call and no one answers. I've been tryin' to report a fire ... for the last 30 minutes ... and no one at the forestry commission will answer the phone. I wonder if I have the correct number. ... What do we do? Let it burn uncontrolled?

Calling in regards to ... somethin' I read in Soundoff. ... Why does everything hafto be ... whether it is a black or a white person or otherwise? Doesn't really matter unless you're givin' a description of the alleged suspect at large. Who cares? It's all the same. A person's a person.

I have discovered that the ammonia - it's ammonium hydroxide - if you put it in your laundry it get rid of those creatures. I think they call 'em bed bugs. I'm sure they have another name. And body lice and so forth and so on. ... You could ... add that to your wash water. Don't put Clorox® in there with it, though. But it will kill those pests ... and you won't hafto throw away your linens.

Nobody is upholding Gary Lewis. We have church leaders, church members and church workers doin' wrong all the time. And on 99 percent of jobs, we have leaders doin' wrong. You're just tryin' to make this a one-man show. Leave Mr. Lewis alone and focus on some of the good things he's done.

Hey, Gary Lewis. You super bad. Folks got you doin' a one-man show around town, but you can bank on this. It won't be a one-man show on Judgment Day.

It's Sunday, November 14. Just got through readin' my paper and once again, the police, the sheriff's department and state patrol … police reports and incidents reports are not in the paper again. Are the police and state patrol and sheriff's department on vacation … this week or are y'all just not printing 'em? Sure would be great to know who's doin' what in Statesboro so we can all be more careful.

Why does the news media … report and tell us what happened to Hillary Clinton? I haven't seen or heard of her for two months or better. Is she been behavin' herself or did the gov'ment  tell the media not to print it? You know, we have gov'ment control now of just about everything.

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