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November 17 - What this is to the fella callin' in from Portal, Georgia, other the day the o
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... What ... this is to the ... fella callin' in from Portal, Georgia, other the day ... the other day sayin' he has ocean-front property in Portal, Georgia, which is a steal. ... Nobody wants that. ... You probably got a trailer with a ditch in front of ya house ... and you think it's ocean-front. Ha, ha! Shame on you. You don't know.

... This is to the haters ... haters on Gary Lewis. ... Y'all worryin' about the thousand dollars Gary Lewis paid out. ... Don't worry 'bout that. He's not worried 'bout it. Get ya some damn power. ... Sound like jealously done set it there. ... Sorry you don't have power. Bye!

Hi, there, folks. With all these skeletons in your closet, looks like you're tryin' to kill yourself worryin' about Gary Lewis. ... I hope you have life insurance. ... Happy Thanksgivin', Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Go ahead, folks. Talk about Gary Lewis. As a matter of fact ... kill yourself worryin' about Gary Lewis. I'm pretty sure the morticians don't mind. As a matter of fact, Gary might just stop by and sing, 'In the Sweet By and By' for ya.

In regards to the Gary Lewis situation ... Councilman, I, too, feel like you should be asked to ... resign his position ... of office.

... I'm a veteran and I just left a veteran's special at Portal Elementary School. ... And I wanna thank ... Ms. Cartee. She done a wonderful presentation ... and I thank Mr. Paul Hudson for the lunch. ... And it makes up feel like we're ... we are ... appreciated even though we don't ... get it from the gov'ment. ... The Portal Community really ... appreciates the veterans. ... I just wanna thank Ms. Cartee ... at Portal Elementary School.

I would like to know why ... what kinda business the city is conducting when they don't in ... inform ... the customers of the garbage ... department ... why they're not pickin' up on ... Veterans Day. We did not know that the city gave city ... employees Veterans Day ... and we have garbage on the south side of Statesboro ... piled up in garbage cans.

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