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June 1 - I think that it is awful that the city manager and the entire city council agreed
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   "To the letter writers who complained about Soundoff: get over it! This is not an academic publication. This is the popular press. If the Herald wants to save space, please stop wasting newsprint on Gene Lyons' column. He certainly doesn't let the facts penetrate his mean-spirited diatribes."

    "I would like to say that Statesboro's City Council is the biggest joke I've ever heard of. … We all know why the police chief and fire chief were fired or … given an option … to … to quit their job. … We all know in Statesboro and anyone who's tryin' to hide it, I hope that they know we know."

    "I think that it is awful that the city manager and the entire city council agreed to eliminate … six positions because of a budget shortfall and yet it wasn't … a very short  period of time ago that they settled out of courts to give a … terminated … city clerk … thousands of dollars … just so they did not hafto continue on … into a jury trial with her termination."

    "When the Statesboro Herald announces ribbon cuttings of new businesses in the Business Tuesday section, you need to include the location of these new businesses. How are we going to patronize … them if we do not know where to find them?"

    "Do you have any idea what's in the health care bill that's been forced down our throat? Prob'ly not. … You think any of us are going to be able to retire with Social Security at age 62 or 65? … Forget it. It's not gonna happen. They're gonna raise the retirement age. Prob'ly to a week before you're scheduled to die. … You'll pay into Social Security all your life … and then the government will step in and basically steal all of that money."

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