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February 7 - Seems like Mr. Obama and his backers bitterly oppose bias in the media ... except when
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Seems like Mr. Obama and his backers bitterly oppose bias in the media ... except when it leads their way. ... And they have plenty of media outlets who heavily lean their way. ... As in CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and of course, MSNBC, whose reporters slobber all over themselves and their microphones when speaking of conservatives. ... Thank you and have a nice ... day.

I would like to thank that Statesboro-BUlloch County Parks and Recreation Department, Georgia Southern and all the businesses and folks that were involved in creating the pedestrian exercise trail that's now known as the S&S Greenway. It is beautiful. It was well thought out, planned and ... executed ... and it is used by a lot of people. In fact, I use it almost daily. What a great thing to do for Statesboro and Bulloch County. ... I hope to see more like this. You guys did a great job. Thank you.

I must give a rebuttal to the Soundoff writer ... who says I was incorrect in my Soundoff statement concerning hammer ... and club statitics. ... If you read my statement again ... you would see I was comparing rifle and hammer deaths ... not guns. ... The gun control debate is mainly about so-called assault rifles. ... I do my homework. ... And if you ... you can take what I say to the bank. ... Thank you.

To the misinformed Soundoff writer ... whining about the cost of Obama's inauguration. Like the first one, it was paid for by private donations. The same way Bush, Clinton and Reagan paid theirs. Have a nice day.

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