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February 3 - You know, I really feel sorry for the person that has to sit at the desk and try to u
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You know, I really feel sorry … for the person that has to sit at the desk and try to understand what everybody's sayin'. But, for the way that y'all print it in the paper … I mean, it just makes us southern people look like pure idiots. Come on, please, don't make us look like that. … Use words.

I'm callin' in reference to the … closing of the … Statesboro … Flea Market. I go there … once or twice a month … and I've never had any problem. … Beautiful front and plenty of parkin' places. And I don't know what's goin' on. It's just like you put … tryin' to put a … big, bad … city hall is tryin' to put a bunch of little people outta business. I like … I like the flea market. I hope nuthin' ever happens to close it.

This is to the 70-year-old man who wrote in the Soundoff about not havin' … not haver eaten any cotton … maybe you should check your underwear. Or you probably wear silk panties anyway.

… We need to do somethin' about this … political thing. We need to vote all the old-timers out. Get 'em out! And another thing, to save our health care … program, we need to take the trial lawyers off the health care … gravy train.

A few weeks ago, myself and my black employee went to a well-known local feed and seed store to buy fence wire. We were laughed at behind our backs and charged $20 more than normal price for our wire. Is it still 1950 in Statesboro?


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