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April 26 - Lord, we're so thankful for Adam and Eve in the Beginning. If it wasn't for Adam and Ev
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Lord, we're so thankful for Adam and Eve in the Beginning. ... If it wasn't for Adam and Eve ... you and I wouldn't be here. ... They reproduce, so, here we are. ... Just so happens, if it was anything other than Adam and Eve, they could not reproduce. Then there'd be ... none of us! So, what does nature self teach you? ... Nature teaches that it's right for man and woman to be married. Anything outside of that is ... not right.

I think the requirements that anyone who runs for the president of the United States should be changed to ... he or she must be born of two American parents. ... Think of all the people crossing our border today ... and havin' a child in the USA.

It don't matter how you stack it or arrange it ... or what you name it. ... Junk is junk. ... LOL.

This is about the person who called in about the Bulloch County ... Board of Commissioners and the intersection they were going to put ... at the Pretoria Station area. Evidently, you don't live in this area and you need to get your facts straight. Langston Chapel ... does not intersect with Rushin' Road at Pretoria Station."

The judge may have reduced Lohan's sentence, but she is still a thief. Regardless of what his decision.

I saw the Statesboro Herald where Travis Chance ... came out against the gerrymandering of the districts. I want some of these other council members to get behind him. ... What they're doin' is wrong. ... People ... should be helpin' draw these districts, not the council members. It's crooked.

An Earth Day consideration: we have purchased some light-emitting dials. ... They produce in a dense ... an intense white light. No radio interference, contain my mercury, burn 4.4 watts. Cost about a dollar more than compact fluorescents.

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