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April 20 - This is in response to the person about $41,000 bein' taken. A fifth grader knows right f
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This is in response to the person about $41,000 bein' taken. A fifth grader knows right from wrong, too. You're probably not in prison because your parents have bailed you out of trouble again. You do a crime, then you ought to do the time. Some parents never let their kids grow up and be responsible for their actions. But, remember, God knows everything. So Holli doesn't hafto get the truth about anything. What's done in the dark will come to the light.

Census workers are about to hit the streets, Bulloch County, for those of you that did not … respond to your forms. Remember to be nice. … This … you're required by law to answer these questions. … A Census worker will never ask for your personal information like your Social Security Number or credit card number or money. And they will always have a verifiable badge. So, hey … do your part … and let's get counted.

… I'll bring y'all some tea to your TEA Party … on the 15th. Aha! Maybe you'd rather have tea leaves so you can read 'em! Ha, ha, ha! Have a good time!

George Bush and the Republican Senate and House left us with these large deficits. President Obama is tryin' to clean up their mess. Unfortunately, it costs money. Have you people got such short memories? The Republicans got an F in governin' our country. They were a colossal failure. Please remember that.

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