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Smith-Healy Farms: Conservationist of the Year
Ogeechee District cites hog operation for honor
A series of aeration ponds treat waste water from the Smith-Healy Farms hog operations. At the end of the treatment process, the water is used to irrigate fields and pastures.
With enough swine to require their own government-monitored wastewater treatment plant and a herd of cattle besides, Smith-Healy Farms conserves soil and water for business reasons and from feelings of stewardship, not to win awards. But the Ogeechee River Soil and Water Conservation District recently saluted Smith-Healy with the Bulloch County Conservationist of the Year award. "We as farmers, we on this farm and as a community of farmers nationwide, are very cognizant of conservation agriculture, of doing things in a way so that we can conserve the soil, because we can see how in just a generation or two we almost lost our cropland," said Bill Smith.
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