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Sheriff orders 11 p.m. Sunday curfew in Bulloch
Public streets, areas will be off limits until further notice
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Bulloch County Sheriff Noel Brown signed an order Saturday instituting a curfew that will take effect at 11 p.m. Sunday.


The curfew requires all persons other than those defined as “exempt individuals,” according to Georgia code, to remain away from public streets and public areas in Bulloch County. Exempt individuals include all law enforcement officers, essential government personnel, first responders and volunteers designated to help with any rescue efforts.


“The effects of Hurricane Irma will mean potentially dangerous conditions around the county and Sheriff Brown wants everyone to remain safe and at the same time make roads easy for first responders to navigate, as necessary,” said Capt. Todd Hutchens.


The curfew will remain in effect until Brown orders it lifted, Hutchens said.


Hutchens said that while the Sheriff’s Office expects residents and visitors to respect the curfew, law enforcement will not be actively patrolling looking for curfew violators.


“Please use common sense and stay safe,” Hutchens said.

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