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Restaurant Inspections
Restaurant Inspections

The following are among the food service establishments inspected in September by the Bulloch County Health Department. The department scores on a 100-percentile scale. Kitchens are inspected at least every four months and are required to post their score sheets in public. The score and selected comments from health inspectors are included in each report. All eating establishments are located in Statesboro, except where noted. To view all restaurant scores, visit and select Bulloch County.

Sept. 4

➤ Baldino's Giant Jersey Subs, 1204 Brampton Avenue  

▲ Score: 93

Observed loaves of bread sitting on trays and under prep station uncovered. Observed multiple sauces in prep station unlabeled and some food items in cooler unlabeled. Inspector: LaRon Randall.

➤ Burger King #14614, 602 Fair Road  

▲ Score: 95

Expired milk in walk-in cooler dated 8/30/19; discarded; corrected on-site. Do not wet-stack storage bins; stagger to air-dry. Crumbs/debris accumulation observed in areas around kitchen; clean thoroughly. Clean inside of microwave. Inspector: Rebecca Clifton.

➤ Chick-fil-A of Statesboro, 703 Northside Drive East  

▲ Score: 98

Scoop down in sugar. Keep handle up out of food; corrected on-site. Broken thermometer in walk-in cooler discarded; corrected on-site. Deeply-grooved small cutting board discarded; corrected on-site. Inspector: Clifton.

➤ Jersey Mike's Subs, 721 South Main Street  

▲ Score: 92

Observed cleaner and personal drinks sitting on the hand sink. Observed common food items without labels. Observed mop inside mop bucket with water instead of being hung to dry. Inspector: Randall.

➤ McAlister's Deli Of Statesboro, 1100 Brampton Avenue Suite A  

▲ Score: 92

Observed uncovered bucket of lemonade in the walk-in cooler. Observed workers without beard guards. Observed wet-stacking. Inspector: Randall.

Sept. 6

➤ Arby's, 622 Fair Road  

▲ Score: 88

No paper towels at hand sink in kitchen; corrected on-site. Organic build-up in ice machine. Expired milk -- 8/18/19 -- in cooler discarded; corrected on-site. Do not overfill cup dispensers; corrected on-site. Inspector: Clifton.

➤ Bulloch Academy, 873 Westside Road  

▲ Score: 91

Observed BBQ sandwich inside of hot-hold unit at 120 degrees F. Corrected on-site; removed meat and reheated to proper temp. Inspector: Randall.

➤ Vandy's On Vine, 22 East Vine Street  

▲ Score: 91

Debris accumulation on can opener blade. Tray under coffee cups has crumbs on it. Clean areas thoroughly. Keep cloths in sanitizer in between uses; corrected on-site. Store knives, spoons, forks with handles up; corrected on-site. Melted lid on cooler needs to be replaced. Debris/crumb accumulation in several areas around kitchen. Clean thoroughly. Dusty fans. Inspector: Clifton.

Sept. 9

➤ Panera Bread, 810 Buckhead Drive  

▲ Score: 93

Observed cinnamon rolls not covered. Observed black organic build-up on drink nozzles in dining area. Observed spoon handle down in avocados. Invert plates to protect serving surface. Observed food build-up debris throughout kitchen. Inspector: Randall.

Sept. 11

➤ Moe's Southwest Grill, 608 Brannen Street  

▲ Score: 91

Observed blocked hand-washing sink. Observed build-up of pink organic matter in ice machine. Observed wet-stacking. Inspector: Randall.

➤ Waffle House #910, 446 South Main Street  

▲ Score: 75

Observed a rotten tomato in the walk-in cooler. Corrected on-site; discarded immediately. Observed out-of-temperature tomatoes in counter cooler. Corrected on-site; discarded. Observed wiping cloths not properly stored. Observed improper storage of plates. Need to be inverted. Observed build-up of grease under hoods. Inspector: Randall.

Reinspection score: 94 (Sept. 12)

Observed OJ with an out-of-date label, past seven-day mark. Observed wet-stacking. Observed build-up of grease under hoods. Inspector: Randall.

➤ Brooklet Elementary School, 600 West Lane Street, Brooklet  

▲ Score: 100

Inspector: Randall.

➤ Georgia's Bed and Breakfast, 123 South Main Street  

▲ Score: 100

Inspector: Clifton.

➤ High Hope Service Center, 231 Simons Road  

▲ Score: 93

Observed debris on can opener blade. Clean food contact surface. Observed debris in the top of microwave. Clean food-contact surfaces. Observed organic matter on ice machine shield. Observed BBQ sauce bottles and box of juice stored on the floor in dry-storage room. Store all food items six inches off of the floor. Inspector: Laura Moore.

➤ John's Place, 4 West Altman Street  

▲ Score: 91

Observed food debris on slicer blade. Clean food-contact surface. Observed sour cream in reach-in cooler past manufacturer discard date. Corrected on-site; food discarded. Observed pans stacked wet to dry. Observed debris on floor in walk-in cooler and in the bottom of reach-in cooler. Inspector: Moore.

➤ Nevils Elementary School, 8438 Nevils-Groveland Road  

▲ Score: 99

Replace damaged seals on warmer. Inspector: Clifton.

➤ Orient Express, 15 University Plaza  

▲ Score: 91

Date-mark any food items prepared and not used within 24 hours to be discarded within seven days of prep -- egg rolls. Cloth on prep table. Keep in sanitizer in between uses; corrected on-site. Keep scoops without handles up out of bulk storage containers; corrected on-site. Clean crumbs/debris out of bottom of coolers/walk-in freezer. Inspector: Clifton.

➤ Subway #18965, 12399 Highway 301 South  

▲ Score: 97

Observed walk-in cooler and bar coolers without thermometers. Inspector: Randall.

— compiled by Rheneta A. Washington Ward

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