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Queensborough’s McCaskill named wealth planner
Morrell McCaskill
Morrell McCaskill

Queensborough National Bank and Trust announces a promotion in the local Statesboro branch, with Statesboro Market President Morrell McCaskill being named wealth planner.

McCaskill has 14 years of experience in the financial services industry, including personal insurance and investment solutions, retirement plans, 401k solutions and customized financial planning. McCaskill specializes in assisting clients in constructing strategies based on their personal financial goals and developing long-term plans with clients for ongoing management as they navigate through life’s financial journey.

His team also includes a trust specialist, financial literacy educators and timber, agricultural & forestry specialists.

Originally from Albany, McCaskill came to Statesboro to attend Georgia Southern University and graduated with his Bachelor of Business Administration in finance in 2007. 

He, his wife, Juli, and their new son, Aultman, are residents of Statesboro.

Queensbourough operates one branch in Statesboro and more than 25 locations around Georgia from Louisville to Augusta and Savannah, including towns around Statesboro such as Metter, Millen, Rincon, Swainsboro and Sylvania. McCaskill’s responsibility as president includes just the Statesboro location.

Queensborough National Bank & Trust is based in Louisville, where it was founded in 1902. The company was still called First National Bank and Trust when it opened a branch in Statesboro, originally at a different location, in 1996. But in 2006 the bank adopted the more distinctive name of its holding company. It was named for Queensborough, an Irish immigrant township that existed in Jefferson County in the mid-1700s.

When he came to the Statesboro Queensborough branch in 2018, McCaskill cited GSU College of Business faculty members William Wells, Ph.D., and now retired Edward Sibbald, MIA/MBA, as mentors from his college years.

“I recognized pretty early on that a community bank really is truly a backbone to a community like Statesboro,” McCaskill said. “You know, when somebody decides to invest their hard-earned assets and their time and their blood, sweat and tears into a business, they have to count on a community bank to give them the financing that they need to get going and to support them, and without the small businesses, Statesboro wouldn’t be what it is.”

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