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Migrant labor a hot topic
Proposed legislation changes discussed at local meeting
Onion field Web
In this Herald file photo from 2006, a migrant worker is shown picking onions in a Bulloch County field. Area farmers are concerned Georgia immigration laws will continue to make migrant labor hard to come by for spring and summer crops.
Migrant labor was a major topic Wednesday during the 2012 Georgia Ag Forecast program at Georgia Southern University’s Nessmith Lane Building. Agribusiness lawyer Nowell Berreth was keynote speaker for the event and discussed the H-2A program that is “part of the Immigration and Control Act of 1986 that allows supplementing local labor with migrant workers on a temporary seasonal basis,” he said. As it stands, immigrants can stay in the country for 20 months before having to return to their home country, and 33 producers use the program, employing 7,000 workers, he said.
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