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Lost ring looking for 1974 Portal graduate
Ring web
The found class ring of a 1974 graduate of Portal High School is shown above. The ring has the initials "MGL" engraved on the inside. - photo by Special

Somewhere, a 1974 Portal High School graduate with the initials " MGL" is without his or her high school class ring.

            A woman in Vidalia has been searching for "MGL"  for some time now, since she has the ring in her possession, and has had it for over 20 years.

            Lori Harn used to spend a lot of time at the Vidalia Piggly Wiggly Southern Warehouse, where her friend worked. They don't have any idea how it got there, but the 1974 Portal High School graduation ring ended up being run over by a fork lift, and was dropped into a drawer at the warehouse when no one claimed it, she said.

            But when 2004 rolled around, Harn thought about the ring's owner, who would likely be attending a 30-year class reunion, and wanted to try to find the owner.

            "It got stuffed into my jewelry box for years," she said. Her friend gave her the ring after it sat unclaimed in the warehouse office. Harn wore it sometimes, but ended up tucking it away, where it lay forgotten for more than 20 years.

            When the ring was found, it was long before the days of the Internet, she said.

            Harn called Portal High School, but no one could help her. She  tried finding a 1974 Portal High School annual, but was unsuccessful. 

            "The next summer I called the (Bulloch County) Board of Education, but they couldn't help me either," she said.

            Harn's next try was a phone call to a Savannah television station, but a well-known personality there told her he was in a similar situation, having found a ring but reaching dead ends in the search for the owner.

            She searched on Yahoo!, on and, to no avail.

            Who is "MGL" and how did the ring travel from Portal to Vidalia? Harn said she wishes she knew, and hopes that somehow, the ring will be returned to its owner.

            Hopefully, someone in Bulloch County will remember 1974 Portal High School graduate  "MGL"  and will contact her, she said.

            The ring is traditional style, gold in color, made by Balfour. The stone is light blue and on one side has "19," with a paw print between  the numbers. On the other side, the number "74" is separated by a star. A crouching panther is on one side, and a mace  and other symbols are bordered by the words " truth" and " honor."

            The initials " MGL" are inscribed inside the ring.

            Anyone who may know who "MGL" is, who may have a 1974 Portal High School annual, or could give clues that may reunite the ring with its owner, is asked to contact Harn by e-mail at


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