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Happy New Year from McKeithen’s Hardware!
Locally Owned 01/03/22

I hope you have survived the Great Freeze of 2022 and are ready to take on the New Year.  If you are anything like us, you thought you were prepared and found out you really weren’t.  Many of us were caught short by the depth of this freeze. Whether it was our house, our well, our pets, or our plants – many of us were without the supplies we needed.  So maybe for 2023 we take a page from the Boy Scouts and resolved to “Be prepared”. Or from the Coast Guard, “Semper Paratus” (always ready).  Now we don’t know when the next freeze, severe heat, tornado, tropical storm or hurricane will hit our area. We just know that it will. Sometime. Maybe next month, maybe six months, maybe next December. But it will. And by the time you hear about it, shelves will already be empty.

While I am pleased that we had supplies available after other stores were sold out, it was not enough. So we resolve that our store will be better prepared with more of the emergency supplies that are needed by our customers when the weather turns on us. In the meantime, please come and see us so that we can set you up with the supplies you need to be safe and comfortable this winter.

Here’s to a great 2023!

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