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Pothole season can make for a bumpy ride
Get your vehicle ready for warmer days ahead at Cottons Tire
Locally Owned 1/17/23

As winter winds down and the weather gets warmer, motorists should expect to see more potholes on the roadways — and avoiding them can be a real challenge.

Potholes typically form when moisture permeates the pavement, caused by both precipitation from above and groundwater from below, and softens the soil beneath it. As temperatures in the winter and early spring fluctuate, this moisture freezes and thaws, creating pressure that causes the surface to expand and contract. This cycle, coupled with frequent spring rain, can weaken and erode pavement, causing potholes and cracks to form.

If you hit a pothole this spring, watch for the following warning signs that your vehicle is in need of inspection:

1.       Loss of control, swaying when making routine turns, bottoming out on city streets or bouncing excessively on rough roads are indicators that the steering and suspension may have been damaged. The steering and suspension are key safety-related systems. Together, they largely determine your car’s ride and handling.

2.       Pulling in one direction, instead of maintaining a straight path, and uneven tire wear are symptoms of an alignment problem. Proper wheel alignment is important for the lifespan of your tires and helps ensure safe handling.

3.       Low tire pressure, bulges or blisters on the sidewalls, or dents in the wheel rim will be visible and should be checked as soon as possible, as tires are the critical connection between your car and the road.

If you don’t have a trusted auto care mechanic to help get your vehicle ready for the warmer days ahead, it’s time to meet the pros at Cottons Tire. For nearly four decades, owners Mike and Marcia Price and their dedicated team of employees have worked hard to provide a superior tire and auto repair experience for drivers across Statesboro and Sylvania, with a focus on quality service, fair pricing and customer satisfaction.

Be sure to mention this ad when you schedule an appointment, and while you’re there, grab a card for their year-round rewards program, so after the purchase of five oil changes, you'll get the sixth one free!

Cottons Tire is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, with after-hours drop boxes and 24-hour towing available. Contact the Statesboro location, 245 N. Main St., at 912.764.8473, or the Sylvania location, 313 W. Ogeechee St., at 912.564.2233.

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