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An important member of your health care team is as close as your local drugstore. With nearly 9 in 10 Americans living within five miles of a community pharmacy, your pharmacist may be the health professional you see and talk with about your health most often. They work closely with your doctor or nurse to give you expert information and guidance about your health and any health conditions you may have.


What your community pharmacist can do for you

Your pharmacist can help manage and support your health by:

·       Talking to you about your medicine. Your pharmacist can explain the small print — what the medicine is for, how best to use it, what side effects you may experience, and what to do if they occur.

·       Suggesting ways to help you take your medicine. Your pharmacist can help you learn how to take your medicines as directed, as well as solve any problems you might have in doing this. For example, he or she can suggest routines or tools such as a daily pillbox to help you take your medicine at the right time in the right dose. Your pharmacist can also help connect you to prescription discounts and aid programs.

·       Talking to you about medicine safety. Your pharmacist can give you important advice on which over-the-counter medicines, such as pain medicines and dietary supplements, are safe to use in combination with your prescription medicines.

·       Identifying or managing health problems. For example, if you get your blood pressure checked at the drugstore, share your numbers with your pharmacist. Your pharmacist can talk to you about your risk for high blood pressure, help you monitor your blood pressure, and direct you to medical care if needed. Your pharmacist can also consult your doctor to ensure you get the best treatment available.

·       Helping you manage other heath conditions. Pharmacists can provide immunizations, such as yearly flu shots, and teach you how to use health equipment such as blood glucose monitors if you have diabetes and inhalers if you have asthma.


How your pharmacist works with your health care team

Pharmacists have special training to help you manage and improve your health, including working with your health care team. For example, your pharmacist can alert your doctors if they separately prescribe medicines that interact badly, before a problem occurs. Your pharmacist can also consult your doctor and advocate for you if you’re struggling with taking your medicines or have side effects.


How your pharmacist can help you take your medicine as directed

Medicine adherence means taking your medications as directed — the right dose, the right number of doses per day, at the right times of day, and with or without food, drink or other medicines — and it is very important. For instance, not taking prescribed blood pressure medicine as directed can raise your risk of cardiovascular-related death. However, only half of Americans treated for high blood pressure take their medicine as directed.

It can be hard to keep track of your medicines, but taking them correctly is essential to good treatment. Your pharmacist can touch base with you regularly, ask how you’re managing, and give you encouragement.


Questions to ask your pharmacist

·       What is this medicine supposed to do?

·       How and when should I take it?

·       What are possible side effects? What should I do if I get them?

·       Should I avoid certain activities, such as driving or running?

·       Should I avoid certain foods, such as milk products or grapefruit, while taking the medicine?

·       If I’m having problems with this medicine, when should I call my doctor?

·       Can you give me a list of my prescribed medicines?

Information taken from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


There is value in visiting and remaining loyal to your local, family-owned drugstore. If you’re ready to make the switch, give McCook’s Pharmacy a call. Established in 2005, McCook’s is a locally owned and operated full-service pharmacy offering double drive-through windows and convenient city-wide delivery. New customers are always welcome!

Contact McCook’s by phone at (912) 764-2223 or find more online at

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