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Independence Meets Peace of Mind
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As we get older, often we worry about losing our independence. Our family may begin to worry about the risks that can be associated with aging family members continuing to stay at home without someone present to ensure our safety. Fortunately, technology has found a way to give us and our family members the peace of mind we need without reducing our autonomy. With an Independent Living System from installed by Bulloch Solutions, we can keep our independence without worrying about our well-being. 


With an Independent Living System from, the emergency alert button is just the beginning. There are plenty of companies who provide pendants for elderly, but Wellness from offers that and more. As with all systems installed by Bulloch Solutions, Wellness and WellCam from is state of the art and fully integrated so that your family can easily monitor your safety from an app on their mobile devices. This means whether you live ten minutes or two hours away, you and your family can be sure you are well. 


Wellness from is far and away the best option for seniors living on their own because the system allows families to monitor activity patterns and receive an alert when something out of the ordinary is detected. The system even allows for automation such as temperature, light and security settings. When Wellness is installed by the professionals at Bulloch Solutions, you can rest assured that it is installed with care and precision. Further, because Bulloch Solutions is your local authorized dealer, you know that support comes from folks right here in Bulloch County. 


Don’t wait until something happens to take the steps to protect yourself or the seniors in your family. An investment in an Independent Living System from can save thousands of dollars later in hospital and assisted living bills, as well as saving your family the frustration and worry of uncertainty. To find out how Bulloch Solutions can help you and your family with any of our systems, visit or call (912)865-1100 today. 

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