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What will Obama do next?
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      The revision or repeal of our president's major programs is assured by Republicans regaining control of the House in the upcoming election. This might cause Obama to retire after 2012, which would provide for him an annual pension of about $200,000 and extended Secret Service protection for 10 years.

A return to Illinois offers possible employment as a professor at the University of Chicago, where former terrorist Bill Ayers now teaches, and such a move would create a unique faculty duo.

Also, Illinois senator Roland Burris will be unemployed as of Nov. 3rd, and he might later help Obama adjust to his new social environment. These two men have a lot in common, in that both had less than distinctive senatorial careers: Obama was absent while campaigning and voted only 63 percent of the time; and Burris appeared to vote only when Harry Reid told him to.
      Jimmy Carter has promoted humanitarian services after a failed presidency, and hopefully Barack Obama will follow in his footsteps. This prospect is applauded with a hearty, "Yes, You Can!"
John E. Carlson

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