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Thanks to the staff at East Georgia Regional
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          I don't understand some of the people and even my relatives that live in Bulloch County.
          I hear almost daily, " I would never go to the hospital here. It's awful."
          I retired 13 years ago and came to Bulloch County to spend my remaining days. Since I have lived here, I have visited East Georgia Regional hospital several times and have always found it to be clean and efficient. The only complaint I have is with the emergency room service, which is always crowded and has a long waiting time, which is not always the hospital's fault.
          On Friday, March 18th, 2011, I went to my doctor coughing up phlegm with spots of blood, shortness of breath and an irregular heartbeat. I was sent to East Georgia Regional hospital for admittance and tests.
          Now, here is the service I received. My wife dropped me off at the front door and I went to the welcoming station, gave my name and was told to have a seat and someone would be with me in a minute. As my wife entered the door, LeAnn, the check-in person, called for me. I timed her and it took 17 minutes to complete all the paperwork, assign a room and have a wheelchair there to take me to the room.
          When I arrived at room number 201, I was greeted by a registered nurse, Sara. Sara took my vital signs, hooked up oxygen and got me ready for a CT scan and chest x-ray, all within 20 minutes. When I returned to the room, Donna, another registered nurse, was there with someone from the laboratory to get some blood and to install a shunt for further uses. She also ordered some food since I had missed lunch.
          During my four-day stay, I had Sara, Edna, Malenda, Shay, Erin, Donna and Stephanie, all registered nurses, and a number of aides who also helped take care of me. The second morning, Radiology had to wait on me to finish breakfast (and this was on Saturday). I received a copy of the Statesboro Herald daily prior to breakfast, except on Monday, of course.
          I have been to East Georgia Regional hospital several times over the past years and have always had a good experience. I want to thank the administrator, the nurses and all the staff at this facility. You have a great hospital; a fairly new, clean building, modern equipment, good nurses and doctors that can stand against the best.
Robert Morgan

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