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Friends share memories of Dr. Michael Guido
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    The passing of world-renowned evangelist Dr. Michael Guido, known best for his “Seeds from the Sower” ministry based in Metter, has made an impact in the community of friends and admirers, many of whom have acknowledged Guido is “in a better place,” with God.
    But everyone who knew Guido has a special memory of love, inspiration and faith involving the quiet-spoken man whose passion for God shined through his voice, heard on radio stations worldwide, and whose spirituality-laced wit made him famous.
    Savannah area television news reporter Dal Cannady recalls knowing Guido as a child. “ My earliest memories of Michael Guido go back to childhood. One of my aunts lived down the street from the Guidos in Metter so I knew who he was and saw him on television.”
    He met Guido later in life when working for a local cable station and Guido’s  short inspirational messages kicked off the nightly newscast.
    “He was always the kindest, most sincere gentleman, “ Cannady said. “If we needed his  recordings on a certain kind of tape, he did everything he could to accommodate. He would send us monthly tapes with a self addressed envelope to return last month’s tape. He recycled them to keep costs low. We would return them as quickly as possible. Otherwise,  it felt like we were cheating the Lord himself. He was always just as gracious away from the camera as he was in front of it.”
    When one met Guido in person, it was a moving experience, many said.
    “Dr. Michael Guido was my spiritual advisor and my friend,” said Billy Hickman. “Through his writings, his love for the Lord, and his love for people, I learned what it means to truly ‘love one another.’ I always felt like I was in the presence of God when I was with him. He could say “Jesus’ like no one else. Even when he was in the hospital, he was always positive and always thanked everyone for helping him.”
    Guido, 94, suffered a bout of exhaustion after the annual Christmas lighting celebration at Guido Gardens in December. The exhaustion led to pneumonia and other complications related to diabetes, according to information from the Guido Evangelistical Association ministry.
    Guido made a recovery, but was later hospitalized again in February. He never recovered from the illness.
    Surrounded by friends and loved ones, Guido was a faithful evangelist until  the end.
    “Mr. Guido was truly a special friend to me and our entire family,” said Ellis Wood, who has been close to  the Guidos for years and helped t transport Guido to and from events where he spoke. “Everyone who knew Mr. Guido considered him to be a ‘special friend.’ I am thankful that God allowed him to be  in our community and in our lives.”
    Michael Guido taught a lot of people many things, said Ted Wynn, Bulloch County’s Public Safety director. “He taught us how our relationship should be with God and how our relationships should be with fellow man. He taught us to pray. He was certainly a treasure in this area and I certainly thought the world of  him.”
    “He has been much more than a close friend,” said Rick Hutchison, another long-time friend of the Guidos and who helped the ministry with several things, including setting up  the millions of lights for the Christmas lighting event in December. “He has been a mentor, an advisor, someone I could talk to. He was the kindest guy ... in the world. The  thing I admired most is ... he never did not have time for anybody. It didn’t matter how busy he was or who they were.”
    Metter Mayor Billy Trapnell had known Guido for over 50 years and said the Guido ministry, as well as the man himself, made its indelible mark on the city.
    People would visit from all over and mention  they recognized Metter as the home base of “ Seeds from the Sower,” he said. When he took people to meet Guido, “ it was very gratifying to put the  two together.
    “He has made an impact on out  town in the most positive ways you can t think of,” he said. “He is known around the world - radio,video and print media all advertises Metter, Georgia. Think of the millions of lives he has touched.”
    Trapnell said he was always impressed by the way the Guidos always received what they needed and never asked for money. “He never asked for money - it was his hard and fast rule, but the Lord always provided whatever their needs were,” he said.
    Cannady said Guido was always an inspiration.
    “His integrity and stainless reputation are a testimony to his completely open and public faith in God,” he said. “ Few people, ministers or otherwise, have been able to practice their faith in the view of so many without blemish  or scandal.”
    “He just touched so many people, people we’re not even aware of,” Trapnell said. “He and Audrey were a great, great team. Knowing them... has just been wonderful. He was always the spirit of optimism.”

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