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Effort to expand gun rights coming
Lawmakers to try again to allow firearms in colleges, churches
Georgia Legislature G Werm
In this March 26 file photo, Georgia House Rules Committee Chairman, Rep. John Meadows, R-Calhoun, left, and Secretary, Rep. Richard Smith, R-Columbus, talk during a hearing at the State Capitol. - photo by Associated Press
ATLANTA — Georgia lawmakers will revive an effort to expand gun rights, but will start over with new legislation and weigh the possibility of giving college presidents and religious leaders the option of whether to allow guns on public campuses and in places of worship, according to interviews with key lawmakers. Monday was the start of the legislative session and official business was mostly ceremonial and making preparations for the rest of the 40-day session. It's expected to be a quick session with lawmakers focused on the budget and eager to return home to begin campaigning for re-election this year.
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