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East Georgia Regional names top 2022 employees
East Georgia Regional Medical Center

East Georgia Regional Medical Center recently honored three hospital leaders for the 2022 year: Clinical Manager of the Year was awarded to Shannon Farlow, RN, Director of Medical Surgery and Telemetry; Non-Clinical Manager of the Year was awarded to Beth Simmons, RN, BSN, Chief Quality Officer; and the Employee of the Year was awarded to Twayla Jones, RN, Endoscopy Clinical Coordinator.

Clinical Manager of the Year: Shannon Farlow began working EGRMC in May 2009.
Her peers wrote: “Shannon is a great boss because she is fair, understanding, loving and fights for her staff tooth and nail. She has made several sacrifices to make sure everyone is taken care of and she provides us with everything we need. She unabashedly stands up for doing what is right for patient care and her team. She never asks anything of her staff that she herself wouldn’t/couldn't do, in the same standard, she holds us to her goals of excellence and keeps us reaching for that goal. Shannon is a manager that is loyal to her staff and someone we can always count on."
Farlow continues to show tremendous commitment and dedication to nursing and quality patient care. She is a strong staff advocate and truly “owns” her areas.  She is an excellent director. Also, Farlow was selected as a member of the Statesboro Herald 20 under 40 Class of 2023.  

Non-Clinical Manager of the Year: Beth Simmons began working at EGRMC in December 2004. 
Her colleagues describe her as, “the epitome of a servant leader. She never asks anyone to do any job she has not already done or is not willing to do herself. She works long hours and takes on more responsibilities than others. Her work ethic is the inspiration for the rest of us to give more than our best. She doesn’t see problems-she sees opportunities for growth and improvement. She is the calm in the storm-always consistent, every time.” 
Simmons said, “We’re not going to say ‘No’ just because it’s hard.”  
Simmons is well respected in the community for her knowledge and calm demeanor. She was called upon by several nursing homes, assisted living facilities, urgent care centers, doctor’s offices etc., for her advice and recommendations during COVID.

Employee of the Year: Twayla Jones, began working at EGRMC in April 2015. 
Jones is known for her tenacity and getting the job done well and keeping her finger on the pulse of any issues that may arise in her unit. 
Her colleagues stated that, “she calmly discusses and coordinates daily operations with other areas and maximizes all resources without stepping on toes. She is a great communicator, liaison for staff, doctors, and leadership to accomplish new and existing goals. Every day is full of new challenges and she bends and stretches to meet the needs of our unit. She takes into account the strengths and opportunities of each team member allowing staff to flourish in what they do well while encouraging them to improve in their weaker areas.” 
Jones is a previous EGRMC Employee of the Month and her growth over the past years has been extraordinary. 

“We are proud to have Shannon, Beth and Twayla recognized as our 2022 Managers and Employee of the Year,” said Stephen Pennington, CEO of the hospital. “These ladies are valuable members of our team, and have been for many years. Their dedication, professionalism, hard work and commitment to our hospital are seen and appreciated by many. We congratulate Shannon, Beth and Twayla, and thank them for all that they do for every patient, every time, always.” 

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