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DNR: Captured bear was euthanized, not relocated
Animal had become acclimatized to humans
W bear
A bear captured in Bulloch County by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources this week was euthanized, not released as was reported earlier, the DNR said Friday. - photo by Special

A black bear trapped Wednesday night after visiting a Bulloch County home four nights in a row was euthanized, not released near Macon, as was the original plan.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologist Greg Waters told the Statesboro Herald Thursday the 250-pound male bear would be released after being trapped at Craig Bozman’s Hwy. 67 home, where he paid visits and caused mischief three nights in a row. He was trapped the fourth night.

However, after Waters made the statement the bear would be released, he saw his coworker return with the bear. DNR headquarters handed down the order to “dispatch” the bear because he had caused so much property damage at the Bulloch home and would be a risk to do so again, he said.

The bear bit and chewed three tires on Bozman’s car, deflating them, and caused other damage around the home, Bozman said Wednesday.

“I was not aware of what happened to the bear once he took it away,” he said Friday, upon learning of the bear’s demise.  “If they had to dispatch it due to their policy, I feel bad for the bear, but I understand as they don't want it to not have a fear of humans or housing areas wherever they would have taken it.”




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